IHT Backyard Consultation
In order to purchase the perfect hot tub for you, our Hot Tub Specialists are here to help you.
Meeting with a Backyard Consultant is a must.  While meeting with your IHT consultation you will learn:
1. How do I decide where I should set up my hot tub?
You will be able to easily find the best location as well as what direction to face your cover, pad and hot tub with the help of our technicians.
2. How do I choose the best shape and size?
Keeping your lifestyle in mind our technicians will give you excellent recommendations and allow you to browse through our brochures.
3. How do I determine the amount of electricity needed?
We will help you determine the voltage needed and find the optimum placement based on your outlets.
4. How will you deliver my spa?
Our technicians will make sure the correct equipment is delivered after assessing whether you will need a simple or complex delivery.

Schedule a FREE Test Soak
When you install a hot tub, your backyard will become the source of your relaxation. Our staff will help you purchase the best hot tub for you.

When you make an appointment for a FREE test soak be prepared to experience relaxation with massaging jets, lights, comfortable seats, music and warm water. Be confident in your purchase by testing a hot tub at IHT before you buy.

We will take care of everything, all you have to do is bring your swim suit. Contact us to make an appointment and visit us before you buy.

An ownership that lasts a lifetime starts with IHT.